Shengke Wang (王胜科)

Department of Computer Science and Technology
Ocean University of China
Phone: 0532-66781729
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2005.09 - now Dr. Associate Professor Vision Lab, Ocean University of China, Qingdao, China
2000 .09 - 2005.07 Ph.D South China University of Technology, Sep. 2000 – Jul. 2005
1996.09 - 2000.07 B.S. University of Jinan, Sep. 1996 – Jul. 2000

Research Interests

The main research interests in our group include Computer Vision, Underwater Vision, Visual Perception, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Marine Big Data Analysis, Complex Network and Visualization.

Working Experience


Master students Digital Image Processing; Computer Vision;
Undergraduates Computing Essentials


Master students (Directly supervise)Long Chen, Cui Zhang, Guoan Cheng, Shan Wu, Lianghua Duan, Xiao Han
(Co-supervise with Prof. Hui Ma)Qinghong Dong
(Co-supervise with Prof. Muwei Jian)Na Yang
(Co-supervise with Prof. Guoqiang Zhong) Xiaoxue Shi
(Co-supervise with Prof. Xin Sun) Jianping Yang

Academic Activities

Organiser of Valse2014
Organiser of IDAS2014
Organiser and session chair of IDAS2015



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